Our Experience


From the outset our focus was to develop projects from an idea to a commissioned, operational project.  This can be a long journey but it is what we are set up to do and our 100% track record in securing licenses illustrates our capability.

The key deliverable of this early stage financing is a fundable project ready to be constructed.


Some of our most interesting projects have been where licensed projects have not met other investors criteria.  In acquiring these project’s we have had the confidence to know that we can make it more profitable by taking a different approach in the design and the delivery of the project.

Often speed of delivery is the key and our ability to get on is something we are very proud of.


Our strategy was to build an operational portfolio and live up to the initial claim that we wanted to be involved from cradle to grave.

To that end we have built an in-house O&M team and a management services team that can provide a bespoke services solution for any operational project or portfolio of projects to suit a client's needs.