Hydropower has been crucial in delivering vital clean, predictable power to homes and businesses for over a century. Hydropower projects are the perfect solution to reduce dependency on carbon-emitting fossil fuels by providing predictable power, storage, and high generation levels in the winter months when demand is at its highest. 

The Green Highland team is now an integrated part of the leading global hydropower equipment supplier Voith Hydro, and is helping ensure that projects worldwide are developed, operated and maintained to ensure performance and delivery at their highest potential.

The team at Green Highland has established a world-class control centre and service platform that enables them to apply their years of developing, building and operating hydropower projects to provide full operation, maintenance and management services to any hydropower project around the world.

Green Highland is already supporting over 50 hydropower schemes across the UK and Europe to ensure they work at their highest levels and deliver the most power possible during this energy crisis.

Green Highland has commissioned and released a video showcasing its services and some of its critical hydropower projects.

Alex Reading, CEO of Green Highland, commented:

“We are proud to ensure that these critical sites perform at their highest levels and deliver vital power to the UK and the rest of the world. Hydropower can and must play a bigger role in meeting our net zero targets and addressing the current energy crisis. Being an integrated part of the Voith team provides our world-leading team with the platform to help projects, not just in the UK but worldwide.”

Link to Green Highland video: https://www.greenhighland.co.uk/services3/

Notes to editor:

Green Highland is a leading developer and operator of hydropower. The team have developed, and are now responsible for the operation, maintenance and, management of over 50 hydropower projects.

Green Highland is home to some of the world’s leading hydropower experts, covering every aspect of development, operations, maintenance and management.

Green Highland is part of the Voith Group, a company founded in 1867, with around 20,000 employees, sales of € 4.3 billion and locations in over 60 countries worldwide.

Website: https://www.greenhighland.co.uk